Our Products

Dispensing systems

Generic and propriety systems have been developed to be suitable for a range of environments, reducing over-consumption, and complementing customers interior design needs.

Roll Towels

Extensive range of towel rolls are absorbent and strong, ideal for busy environments providing a hygienic and economical hand drying solution.


Paper wipers are available in a range of grades, sizes and formats ensuring a paper wiper for all your environment needs.


Multipurpose centre feed rolls in various colours, ply’s, both embossed and non-embossed formats, ensure you have the correct product no matter what the wiping task.

Hand Towels

Absorbent and strong hand towels making hand drying hygienic, fast, effective and designed to ensure one towel is enough.

Toilet Rolls

Mini Jumbo and Jumbo and Conventional rolls are produced in a variety of core sizes and product length combinations and are suitable for all types of washrooms.

Hygiene Rolls

Strong for protection and comfort our hygiene rolls, traditionally used in medical application, can also be used for general wiping and drying tasks.